Live   like   a legend. Be unforgettable.

We create the next generation of life simulation games.  RPG based, AI supported, community driven and diverse.

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Our Pillars
Pillar 01
Format Innovation: Life Simulation
Pillar 02
Technology & Operations Innovation
Pillar 03
Business Model:  Game as a Service
Business Model Overview
Brands & Celebrities
IPs, influencers & streamers
Life Pass
Comparable to Battle Pass System
Daily Event System
With daily return into the app
Season Approach
Every 3 months a new season with a new theme
In Game Economy
Premium Decisions, Premium Events, Item System
Game as a Service
  • Very diversified and flexible strategies for monetization.
  • Frequent content updates to keep players always engaged.
  • Open to collaboration with influencers and IP holders.
  • Higher LTV & retention.
Our Next Project: 100 Lives
  • Choose your character
  • Decide upon your life path
  • Endless life changing moments